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At Least 12 Killed in Russian Attacks on Ukraine

At Least 12 Killed in Russian Attacks on Ukraine

Russian attacks across Ukraine have killed at least 12 people, including four children, amid escalating offensives. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned that the death toll in Vilniansk, near Zaporizhzhia, might rise, noting that seven people, including two children, were killed by a Russian missile. He urged Western allies to expedite weapons deliveries, emphasizing that delays cost lives.

Ukraine’s Interior Minister Igor Klimenko reported 18 wounded in Vilniansk, located 30 km from Zaporizhzhia, where the attack occurred during daytime in a civilian area, as stated by Governor Ivan Fedorov.

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Elsewhere, four people were killed and 23 injured in eastern villages, while in Dnipro, a strike on a residential building resulted in one death and 12 injuries. These attacks coincide with Russia stretching Ukrainian forces across a 1,000 km front, targeting energy facilities and infrastructure.

Ukraine’s military noted an increase in hostilities, with 90 attacks along the front line, and Donetsk’s Governor Vadym Filashkin reported 13 shellings in 24 hours. Zelenskyy highlighted the Dnipro attack as a reminder of Ukraine’s need for more air defense systems, stressing that adequate support from allies is crucial to stopping Russian aggression.

Fighting has intensified as Russia capitalizes on Ukraine’s military challenges, launching offensives from multiple directions. Meanwhile, Russian officials reported Ukrainian drone attacks, killing at least five in Russia’s Kursk region, including two children in Gorodishche, as stated by Governor Alexey Smirnov.