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Climber Frozen Body Found In Peru After 22 Years

Climber Frozen Body Found In Peru After 22 Years

The frozen body of a mountaineer who went missing 22 years ago on a snowy peak has been found. William Stampfl, an American climber, disappeared in June 2002 after being caught in an avalanche on Huascaran mountain in Peru, according to News.

Efforts to locate the 59-year-old at the time were unsuccessful, but his well-preserved body was recently discovered in the Peruvian ice due to rising temperatures linked to global warming, police reported.

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Stampfl’s body, still clad in clothes, harness, and boots, was found alongside his belongings, which helped confirm his identity.

Huascaran, standing over 6,700m (22,000ft) high in the Andes’ Cordillera Blanca range, is popular among climbers worldwide but is also known for its hazards.