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Firefighters Rescue 28 from Upside-Down Oregon Ride

Firefighters Rescue 28 from Upside-Down Oregon Ride

Firefighters rescued 28 people dangling 100ft upside down on a ride at an Oregon amusement park.

One person with a pre-existing medical condition was taken to the hospital as a precaution after the AtmosFEAR ride stopped, Oaks Amusement Park in Portland said in a social media statement.

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Chris Ryan and his wife, visiting the park for his birthday, were about to board the ride—operating like a pendulum and capable of swinging riders completely upside down—when they saw it stuck.

He heard people exclaiming, “Oh my God, they are upside down.” Deciding to leave due to the scary situation, they eventually got on a Ferris wheel and heard a loudspeaker announcement that the park was closed and people should evacuate.

Portland Fire and Rescue said on X that firefighters worked with engineers at Oaks Park, which opened in 1905, to manually lower the ride. Crews had been preparing for a high-angle ropes rescue if needed.

When the ride stopped, park staff immediately called emergency services, who arrived about 25 minutes later.

Maintenance workers then managed to return the ride to its unloading position minutes later, the park stated.

The ride, in operation since 2021 without prior incidents, will remain closed until further notice. The park said it would work with the ride’s manufacturer and state inspectors to determine the stoppage’s cause.

“We wish to express our deepest appreciation to the first responders and our staff for taking prompt action, leading to a positive outcome today, and to the rest of the park guests who swiftly followed directions to vacate the park to make way for the emergency responders to attend to the situation,” the statement said.

Oaks Park’s website describes it as offering a “uniquely Portland blend of modern thrills and turn-of-the-century charm on a midway that has delighted generations of Northwesterners.”