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ICJ to Issue New Ruling on Israel-Gaza Conflict

ICJ to Issue New Ruling on Israel-Gaza Conflict

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is set to issue a ruling regarding Israel’s military actions in Gaza at 3pm (1400 BST) on Friday, amid US concerns over Israel’s growing diplomatic isolation. The ruling may potentially order Israel to cease its offensive, and at the same time, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has named judges to review requests for arrest warrants against Hamas leaders, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

Recently, South Africa petitioned the ICJ to halt Israel’s military operations in Gaza, particularly in Rafah, arguing that it is crucial for the survival of the Palestinian people. Although the ICJ lacks enforcement power, its decisions hold significant international influence, and a ruling against Israel could increase its political isolation following several recent setbacks. Israel has indicated it will not comply with any order to stop its military actions. Israeli spokesperson Avi Hyman emphasized that “no power on Earth will stop Israel from protecting its citizens and going after Hamas in Gaza.”

Israeli media reported that the IDF acknowledged a breach of regulations when troops killed a UN staff member and injured another by shelling a marked UN vehicle in Gaza.

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The international response to Israel’s actions has become increasingly critical. Ireland, Norway, and Spain recently announced their recognition of Palestinian statehood, prompting US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan to express concerns over Israel’s growing diplomatic isolation. Sullivan reiterated US support for a two-state solution achieved through direct negotiations, not unilateral actions. He also criticized Israel’s decision to withhold funds from the Palestinian Authority, arguing that it destabilizes the West Bank and undermines efforts to secure peace and prosperity for Palestinians, which is also in Israel’s interest.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken indicated that the administration is considering measures against the ICC in response to its efforts to prosecute Netanyahu. Discussions are ongoing in Congress about possible actions, despite the US not being an ICC member.

Israel conducted intense airstrikes on Gaza, killing 26 people, including 15 children, in Gaza City on Thursday morning. Fierce street battles continued in Jabaliya and Rafah. Hamas and Islamic Jihad reported firing mortars at Israeli troops. The conflict, which began on October 7, has resulted in significant casualties on both sides, with approximately 1,200 Israelis and 36,000 Palestinians, mainly civilians, having been killed. Israel has expressed readiness to resume talks with Hamas for a truce and a hostage release deal to temporarily halt the ongoing conflict.