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Israel Has Instructed a Significant Number Of Palestinians To Leave Khan Younis

Israel Has Instructed a Significant Number Of Palestinians To Leave Khan Younis

The Israeli military has ordered a mass evacuation of Palestinians from the eastern part of Khan Younis in southern Gaza. Israel concluded its recent operation in the city earlier this year and withdrew most of its forces, but this directive suggests a potential return of troops.

Much of Khan Younis was heavily damaged during a prolonged assault earlier this year, prompting many Palestinians to return to the area to escape further Israeli military actions in Gaza’s southern city of Rafah.

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This development coincides with Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement that Israel is nearing the completion of its efforts to neutralize Hamas’ military capabilities in Gaza.

Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry has reported significant casualties from the ongoing IDF offensive, with approximately 37,900 Palestinians killed and over 87,000 injured.

Residents in multiple neighborhoods of eastern Khan Younis reported receiving audio messages from Israeli phone numbers instructing them to evacuate their homes.

In a statement on Monday, the Israeli military indicated that rockets had been launched into Israel from the Khan Younis area.

Islamic Jihad, aligned with Hamas and supported by Iran, claimed responsibility for firing rockets toward several Israeli communities near the Gaza fence.

The Israeli military reported that approximately 20 rockets were launched, resulting in no casualties.

On Monday, Israel released the director of Gaza’s main hospital, al Shifa, following a seven-month detention. Mohammed Abu Selmia, speaking after his release, accused authorities of subjecting him and other detainees to harsh conditions and torture.

He was held without trial on allegations that the hospital served as a Hamas command center, which he and other Palestinian health officials denied. Abu Selmia claimed he and fellow detainees endured frequent torture, including beatings with batons and dogs that resulted in injuries like a broken finger and bleeding head. The prison service, previously refuting similar claims, did not immediately respond.