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Man Caught Trying To Smuggle 104 Live Snakes In His Pants At China Border

Man Caught Trying To Smuggle 104 Live Snakes In His Pants At China Border

A man attempted to smuggle over 100 live snakes into mainland China by concealing them in his trousers, according to customs officials. The unidentified traveler was intercepted after using the “nothing to declare” lane at the border crossing between semi-autonomous Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Officials reported finding 104 snakes in “six canvas drawstring bags” hidden inside his trousers. “Each bag contained live snakes of various shapes, sizes, and colors,” stated China Customs.

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A video released by Chinese customs shows agents inspecting transparent plastic bags filled with live red, pink, and white snakes. Though mostly small, it was a significant and wriggling collection for anyone to carry in their pants.

Strict biosecurity and disease control laws prohibit bringing non-native species into the country without authorization. “Those who violate the rules will be… held accountable according to the law,” stated the customs authority, without detailing the man’s penalty.

In 2023, at the same checkpoint, a woman was caught attempting to smuggle five snakes in her bra. China, a major hub for animal trafficking, has intensified efforts to combat the illicit trade in recent years.