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Manchester Airport Operations Return To Normal Following Power Outage Disruption

Manchester Airport Operations Return To Normal Following Power Outage Disruption

Manchester Airport has restored normal flight operations following a disruptive power outage that affected up to 90,000 passengers, resulting in flight cancellations and diversions. Terminals 1 and 2 are now fully operational for check-in and departures, according to airport officials.

Airport managing director Chris Woodroofe explained to local UK media that a cable fault caused a power surge, leading to the shutdown of security systems and baggage screening.

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“The inability to process departing passengers at Terminals 1 and 2 throughout the morning had a significant impact. I apologize for the disruption, and we are taking steps to ensure this does not extend into tomorrow,” Woodroofe said.

What led to the power outage at Manchester Airport?

The disruption started when a significant number of flights, about a quarter of the total, were canceled at the airport, leading to extensive queues and frustration among passengers.

By midday, 66 outbound flights and 50 inbound flights had been canceled, as reported by aviation analytics company Cirium. The incident occurred at the beginning of the summer holiday season, amplifying the inconvenience for numerous travelers.

Kelvin Knaver from St Helens, Merseyside, had plans to fly to Amsterdam with EasyJet before his flight was canceled. “It’s chaotic. The backlog is so huge that it will take a long time to clear,” he stated to UK Local Media.

Social media was inundated with images and videos of lengthy queues, some depicting passengers waiting in dimly lit areas, with many expressing frustration over the lack of communication from airport personnel.

What entitlements do you have if your flight gets cancelled?

Passengers have specific entitlements when their flights are canceled, such as the right to be rebooked on the next available flight, a full refund, and potential compensation depending on the circumstances.

The airport is committed to rescheduling canceled flights and reuniting passengers with their luggage.

Chris Woodroofe confirmed that an investigation into the power outage would commence in the coming week to prevent future incidents.

Despite power being restored, over 100 flights were scheduled to depart when the outage occurred, leading to inbound flights being diverted due to limited space.

For instance, a flight from Houston, Texas, was redirected to London Heathrow, and another from Singapore landed at London Gatwick.

Balázs Fazekas, who intended to travel to Montenegro with his family, arrived at the airport at 2:00 BST. After waiting in queues for eight hours, he learned his flight was canceled.

“There are bigger issues in life than this,” he commented, but expressed frustration over the lack of communication.

Manchester Airport has apologized for the disruption and is diligently working to minimize its ongoing impact.

The airport assured that no further disruptions are anticipated on Monday, focusing efforts on restoring normal operations and assisting affected passengers.