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Moroccan Influencer Crowned First World Miss Al

Kenza Layli, a pioneering AI innovator from Morocco, made history by winning the inaugural Miss AI title at the World AI Creator Awards (WAICAs). Among over 1,000 contestants, Layli impressed with her virtual presence and dedication to advancing AI technology.

Her victory includes a $13,000 prize package, featuring cash and career support, recognizing her creation of a detailed digital persona.

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Layli’s win underscores the growing importance of AI creators in sectors such as marketing and technology. Her message about AI’s transformative power resonated with judges and the audience.

The WAICAs, organized by Fanvue, aim to bring more recognition to AI creators, envisioning the event as prestigious as the Oscars. Layli’s achievement highlights her talent and the increasing influence of AI in shaping future industries.

This event marks a significant step in celebrating the contributions of AI innovators like Kenza Layli, who are at the forefront of technological advancements.