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New Kiswa Adorns Holy Kaaba for Islamic Year 1446

New Kiswa Adorns Holy Kaaba for Islamic Year 1446

A new Kiswa has been ceremoniously draped over the Holy Kaaba in Makkah to mark the beginning of the Islamic new year, 1446H, according to reports from the Saudi Press Agency. The installation of this sacred cloth was overseen by the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque.

The intricate process involved a team of 159 skilled craftsmen, along with engineers and technicians, who carefully removed the previous Kiswa adorned with gold embroidery. They then meticulously installed the new Kiswa at Islam’s most revered site.

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Crafted with meticulous detail, the new Kiswa consists of 53 pieces intricately embroidered with gold. This includes sixteen pieces for the belt area, seven for the area under the belt, four corner pieces, seventeen lantern-shaped pieces, five pieces for the door curtain, one piece for Al-Rukn Al-Yamani (the Yemeni corner), and two pieces outlining the Black Stone.

The installation process is highly specialized, requiring up to 200 skilled technicians and craftsmen, who laboriously work by hand. Each piece of the Kiswa takes between 60 to 120 days to complete, emphasizing the precision and dedication involved in this sacred tradition.