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Palestinians in Rafah burned alive as the Israeli army attacks a designated safe zone

Palestinians in Rafah burned alive as the Israeli army attacks a designated safe zone

In recent Israeli airstrikes on a designated safe zone in Rafah, at least 50 Palestinians have been killed and dozens wounded. The Israeli air force claimed to have targeted a Hamas compound in Rafah using precise ammunition and intelligence; however, the strikes resulted in significant civilian casualties. Israeli forces have acknowledged reports of civilian casualties and stated that the incident is under review. This admission followed the bombing of a tent camp housing displaced people in a safe zone in Rafah.

The attack on the Tal as-Sultan area coincided with other airstrikes on shelters for displaced Palestinians in Jabalia, Nuseirat, and Gaza City. These coordinated strikes have collectively resulted in the deaths of at least 160 people over the past 24 hours.

Gaza health ministry officials have confirmed that the victims included women and children. The strike occurred in the Tel Al-Sultan neighborhood in western Rafah, a location where thousands had sought refuge from Israeli ground offensives in the city’s eastern areas. The International Committee of the Red Cross has reported a surge of casualties at its field hospital in Rafah, with other hospitals also receiving numerous injured individuals.

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Despite international condemnations, Israel continues its military operations, aiming to eliminate Hamas fighters and rescue hostages. The Israeli strikes in Rafah and other areas have led to significant Palestinian casualties, including many civilians. Efforts to halt the fighting and negotiate the return of hostages are facing ongoing challenges.

The conflict, which began after Hamas attacked Israeli communities on October 7 of the previous year, has led to widespread destruction and loss of life in Gaza. According to health authorities, the ongoing Israeli attacks have increased the Palestinian death toll to 35,984.