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Rafah Bombing: Revelation of US-Made Bombs Used by Israel

Rafah Bombing: Revelation of US-Made Bombs Used by Israel

It has been revealed that US-made bombs were used in an Israeli bombing in Rafah, as reported by the New York Times. Weapons experts and available evidence from videos and photos indicate that American-made GBU-39 bombs were deployed in the attacks, resulting in at least 45 fatalities and over 200 injuries. The identification of the bombs was confirmed by the analysis of bomb debris at the crime scene. Trevor Ball, a former US Army munitions technician, noted the bomb’s structure, wings, and components visible in the debris.

Palestinian journalist Alam Sadiq filmed the wreckage, where the serial number 81873, indicative of US-manufactured bombs, was clearly visible. This number is specific to bombs supplied by Woodward, an aerospace company. The New York Times report highlighted that US officials had been advocating for the use of these smaller bombs by Israel, believing them to be more suitable for urban areas and causing less collateral damage compared to the larger, 2,000-pound bombs typically used by Israel. This advocacy aligns with US President Joe Biden’s earlier comments about halting the supply of larger bombs to Israel.

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Following the attack, the refugee tents were set ablaze, resulting in the deaths of 45 Palestinians, including 23 women and children, while over 200 injured individuals are receiving medical treatment, with many in critical condition. The US military declined to comment when approached by the New York Times regarding the use of these bombs.