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Russian State Media Reports That Indian PM Narendra Modi Will Soon Visit Moscow

Russian State Media Reports That Indian PM Narendra Modi Will Soon Visit Moscow

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to visit Russia for the first time since the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine, underscoring the growing ties between the two nations despite India’s close relationship with Washington.

Preparations are underway for Narendra Modi’s trip to Moscow, with Kremlin spokesperson Yuri Ushakov confirming the plans, according to Russia’s state news agency. The exact dates of the visit are yet to be finalized and will be announced by both parties in agreement.

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This upcoming visit will mark Narendra Modi’s first trip to Russia since 2019 and follows his recent reelection as prime minister. Modi last met Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2022 at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Uzbekistan, emphasizing the era’s focus on peace rather than conflict.

India’s longstanding relationship with Russia dates back to the Cold War and has remained resilient despite Western sanctions on Moscow. India has abstained from UN votes condemning Russia and refrained from publicly criticizing its actions in Ukraine.

India relies heavily on Russian military equipment, crucial for its security amidst tensions with China along the Himalayan border. Additionally, India has increased its purchases of discounted Russian crude oil, providing significant financial support to Russia amid international isolation.

While India’s ties with the United States have strengthened, particularly over concerns regarding China’s activities in the Indo-Pacific, Modi’s visit to Washington last year highlighted their defense, trade, and technology partnership. India also maintains membership in the Quad alliance with the US, Japan, and Australia, alongside participation in the SCO and BRICS blocs with Russia and China.