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Russian Warships Arrive In Cuba, Demonstrating Military Strength

Russian Warships Arrive In Cuba, Demonstrating Military Strength

Four Russian warships, including a nuclear-powered submarine and a frigate, have arrived in Cuba, which is seen as a display of strength amid tensions with the West over the conflict in Ukraine. The vessels are docked at Havana Bay, approximately 90 miles (145km) from the US state of Florida.

According to Russia’s defense ministry, the Admiral Gorshkov frigate and the Kazan submarine are equipped with advanced weaponry, such as hypersonic missiles Zircon, and had previously conducted missile drills in the Atlantic.

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However, Cuba’s foreign ministry asserts that none of the russian warships are carrying nuclear arms, and their five-day visit does not pose a threat to the region. US officials are closely monitoring the visit, and the US Navy has deployed sea drones to track the Russian vessels as they approached Cuba.

Russian warships reach Cuban waters ahead of military exercises in the  Caribbean

The Russian warships entered Havana Bay early on a cloudy morning, accompanied by smaller support vessels and greeted by a 21-gun salute. Russia’s defense minister stated that the visit is unofficial, allowing the crews to rest and explore local attractions.

While Russia has sent warships to Cuba before, the timing of this operation, amidst heightened tensions following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, suggests a deliberate message to Washington. This visit symbolizes significant support for Cuba’s communist government and its socialist ally, Venezuela, where the warships may proceed after leaving Havana.

Despite the visit being perceived as routine, the broader global context of escalating hostilities adds a layer of significance.