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Teenage Girl Commits Suicide due to Messaging App Prohibition

Teenage Girl Commits Suicide due to Messaging App Prohibition

A tragic event unfolded in Dombivli as a 16-year-old girl tragically committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling of her room. The incident occurred after her father prohibited her from downloading a messaging app on her mobile phone.

Local authorities reported that the girl’s father had instructed her not to install the Snapchat app, a decision that deeply affected her. Despite this directive, she had already managed to install the app on her device.

“The incident took place late Friday night in the Nilje area,” stated an officer from the Manpada Police Station. “Her father’s instruction to delete the app appeared to have a profound impact on her.”

Sadly, the girl’s family discovered her lifeless body the next morning, having taken her own life by hanging herself from her bedroom ceiling.

Upon receiving the distressing news, the police intervened immediately, sending her body for a post-mortem examination and initiating an accidental death case.

This tragic incident underscores the challenges within parent-child relationships, especially concerning the influence of digital technology on young people’s lives.