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The IAEA board approves a resolution against Iran

The IAEA board approves a resolution against Iran

The recent resolution passed by the UN nuclear watchdog’s board of governors highlights the increasing concerns regarding Iran’s cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). With 20 countries voting in favor, two against (Russia and China), and 12 abstentions, the resolution urges Iran to enhance its collaboration with the IAEA and reverse its decision to bar inspectors.

The resolution builds upon previous efforts aimed at addressing Iran’s compliance with the IAEA’s investigations, particularly concerning uranium traces found at undeclared sites. It underscores the necessity for Iran to fully cooperate with the agency and adhere to its legal obligations.

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The decision to pass this resolution comes amidst growing challenges faced by the IAEA in Iran, including the recent barring of top enrichment experts from the inspection team. This move has been described as “disproportionate and unprecedented,” posing a significant obstacle to the agency’s ability to effectively carry out its duties.

The resolution, proposed by Britain, France, and Germany, emphasizes the urgency of Iran addressing these issues and cooperating transparently with the IAEA to ensure the peaceful nature of its nuclear program. It reflects the international community’s commitment to upholding nuclear non-proliferation efforts and maintaining transparency in Iran’s nuclear activities.