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Ukraine Has Reported The Destruction Of A Russian Drone Base

Ukraine Has Reported The Destruction Of A Russian Drone Base

Ukraine has reported that satellite images indicate the destruction of a Russian facility used for launching Iranian-made drones and training cadets.

The Ukrainian Navy posted these photos following reports of a significant explosion near a Russian airfield in Krasnodar. Moscow has not yet responded to these reports but did confirm shooting down several drones in the region on Friday night.

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According to Kyiv’s Navy officials, the attack occurred on Friday night and resulted in casualties among training instructors and cadets learning to operate the Shahed drones. They stated that the operation was planned and executed in collaboration with Ukrainian intelligence agencies.

The base was located on the Sea of Azov, opposite the occupied Ukrainian city of Mariupol, as per data from Planet Labs, a US-based company that provided the satellite images.

In a Facebook post, naval officials described the destruction of storage facilities, training buildings, and control points for Shahed-136/Geran-2 UAVs in the Krasnodar Territory. The photos shared on social media depicted two warehouses, with one completely destroyed and the other significantly damaged.

Meanwhile, Russia reported shooting down 114 drones during a Ukrainian attack on oil refineries and military targets in southern Russia, resulting in one casualty.

Additionally, Russia blamed the US after a Ukrainian missile strike in occupied Crimea killed four people and injured over 140 others. In retaliation, Ukrainian drone attacks in Russia’s Belgorod region reportedly caused casualties and property damage.