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United Nation Plans To Send a Police Force To Gaza

United Nation Plans To Send a Police Force To Gaza

The UN Deputy Secretary-General for Peace Operations stated on Wednesday that the United Nations is prepared to deploy a police force to Gaza if requested by member states.

Jean-Pierre Lacroix, speaking at United Nation headquarters in New York, affirmed their readiness to assist in response to any call for help, particularly noting the rise in incidents like looting affecting aid distribution in Gaza. He emphasized the importance of finding solutions to these challenges, suggesting involvement of a third party as a potential option.

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Lacroix clarified that it is uncertain whether the UN would be this third party, highlighting the procedural steps involving the UN Security Council for deploying peacekeeping forces.

Previously, on June 26, Israeli forces conducted airstrikes across Gaza, with reports of intense fighting in Rafah. Residents reported clashes in the Tel Al-Sultan neighborhood, where Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters engaged Israeli forces with anti-tank rockets and mortar bombs. Medics confirmed two Palestinian deaths in one Israeli missile strike in Rafah.