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US State Department Rejects Allegations Against Donald Lu

US State Department Rejects Allegations Against Donald Lu

The American Foreign Affairs Committee’s scheduled hearing on Pakistani elections, set for March 20, has been confirmed by a spokesperson from the US State Department.


Emphasizing the department’s commitment to transparency and accountability, State Department officials reiterated their willingness to engage with Congress. Matthew Miller, a representative of the department, underscored the importance of testifying before Congress as an integral part of his responsibilities, noting that such testimonies aid Congress in formulating policy decisions.

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Regarding recent allegations against US Deputy Secretary of State Donald Lu, the State Department spokesperson dismissed them as false. Miller emphasized the department’s stance, pointing out that similar allegations have arisen in the past, all of which have been consistently denied.

In response to concerns regarding the citizenship law in India, Miller reiterated the department’s commitment to addressing such issues seriously and condemned any perceived threats to citizenship rights.