WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar Sparks UFC Return Rumors

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WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar Sparks UFC Return Rumors

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Legend, Michael Bisping has hinted at the return of WWE superstar, Brock Lesnar to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). if this prediction materializes Brock Lesnar might return to face Tom Aspinall, the UFC Heavyweight Champion.

In 2016, the UFC 200 heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar bowed out from the MMA arena for the last time and it has been eight years since the former heavyweight champion, made an appearance in the UFC.

It is possible that the WWE Icon could potentially make a comeback in this year’s UFC 300 competition, considering he has a glittering past UFC 100 and UFC 200 competitions. Although the UFC champion has a tainted past in the Octagon since he failed a drug test following a Mark Hunt fight back in 2016.

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In a recent YouTube video, Bisping suggested that Tom Aspinall could turn out to be the most challenging opponent for Lesnar if he decides to make a comeback.

The allure of a comeback can be tempting for Brock Lesnar and it can be an attractive proposition for UFC as well, as the WWE legend’s brute force can be captivating for the viewership and marketing of the competition.

During the interview on YouTube, Bisping said, “People would love to see Brock Lesnar stepping in there once again. Who would really push the needle in a massive way? Brock Lesnar. He’s only 46, he’s still a draw, and people love him”

“The UFC and the WWE, they’re both owned by the same parent company now. So, I would imagine that the politics and the contractual stuff would be pretty easy waters to navigate. I can’t see that being a hurdle.”

The UFC legend expressed his thoughts on a potential fight between Lesnar and Aspinall, “Call me crazy. Call me Tom Aspinall’s number one fanboy, but could you imagine Brock Lesnar vs. Tom Aspinall headlining UFC 300? Maybe it’s just wishful thinking. But Tom Aspinall-Brock Lesnar, that would just be mental.”

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