Xiaomi’s EV Spotted in Road Test Again

Web DeskAugust 24, 2023
Xiaomi's EV Spotted in Road Test Again

Xiaomi, a prominent tech giant, has introduced its debut electric vehicle (EV) known as the MS11, following the receipt of production approval. Xiaomi’s venture into the EV industry gained momentum after obtaining an auto production license from China’s state planning department.

Recently spotted in camouflage, the MS11 was undergoing rigorous climate testing on the Urumqi-Changji metropolitan freeway. This foray into the EV market commenced in early 2021, with Xiaomi CEO and Program Head Lei Jun envisioning a remarkably futuristic EV. The company’s plan is to unveil its vehicles by mid-2024.

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Recent reports indicate that Xiaomi is surpassing its projected launch timeline, with the company’s foreign business head, Lu Weibing, noting that progress has been even more impressive than anticipated.

In terms of battery specifications, details about the Xiaomi MS11’s battery emerged in June. The vehicle will be equipped with a 101 kWh ternary (NMC) battery, providing an impressive range of 800 km. The energy density of the battery stands at 157 Wh/kg, which is considered average.

Positioned as a sedan, the MS11 is set to compete with other electric sedans like the Tesla Model 3, BYD Seal, and Deepal SL03, particularly in terms of pricing. The anticipated price point for the MS11 is around Rs. 8.2 million. This move marks Xiaomi’s significant step into the realm of electric vehicles, contributing to the evolving landscape of sustainable transportation.

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