Yamaha YBR 125G price Increased, New Prices Here

Web DeskDecember 7, 2023
Yamaha YBR 125G price Increased, New Prices Here

Yamaha Motor, a prominent motorcycle manufacturer in Pakistan, recently made headlines by announcing yet another increase in the prices of its motorcycles. This move, coming on the heels of a substantial decrease in sales, has raised eyebrows and stirred discussions within the automotive market.

The Sales Decline and Price Surge

In a surprising turn of events, Yamaha reported a noticeable downturn in sales, reflecting a concerning drop of nearly 10 percent during the initial four months of the ongoing fiscal year (2023–24). The shift from 4,856 units to 3,237 units has presented a challenging scenario for the company, especially in an already competitive market.

Despite the sales decline, Yamaha has made the controversial decision to raise the price of one of its most popular motorcycle models in the country. This unexpected move has led to questions about the company’s strategy amidst the challenging market conditions.

Economic Conditions and Production Costs

Yamaha cited prevailing economic conditions and the persistent rise in production costs as the primary drivers behind this latest surge in motorcycle prices. The ongoing increase in production expenses has compelled the company to continue adjusting the pricing of their two-wheelers, creating a ripple effect in the market.

Repercussions and Buyer Concerns

This announcement of yet another price hike, within a short span of a month, has sent ripples through the buying community. With prices already on an upward trajectory, buyers are now facing heightened concerns about affordability and accessibility. The move has sparked apprehensions among consumers who are navigating an environment of rapidly soaring prices.

Models Subject to Price Increase

Yamaha specifically highlighted the YBR125G models in Red/Black and Matt Dark Gray/Matt Orange as the units subject to the latest price hike. These particular models, known for their popularity among consumers, will see an increase in their pricing, further impacting the purchasing landscape.

Models Old Price New Price Price Difference
YBR125G (Red & Black) Rs. 453,000 Rs. 471,000 Rs. 18,000
YBR125G (Matt Dark Gray & Matt Orange) Rs. 456,000 Rs. 474,000 Rs. 18,000
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