Yasir Hussain Cautions Artist for Inaccurate Sketch of Wife Iqra Aziz

Web DeskJanuary 13, 2024
Yasir Hussain Cautions Artist for Inaccurate Sketch of Wife Iqra Aziz

Yasir Hussain expressed his frustration regarding an inaccurate sketch of his wife, Iqra Aziz, and advised the artist against attempting another drawing.

Taking to his Instagram account, Hussain shared the fan-drawn sketch and playfully cautioned the online artist about potential legal consequences if such attempts were repeated.

A user named “C_4__colour” tagged their artwork to Iqra Aziz, expressing hope for her approval. On their account, the artist admitted the sketch’s inaccuracy, stating, “Sketching after soo long. Not accurate.”

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Acknowledging the effort, Hussain thanked the artist but firmly requested them to refrain from creating future sketches of his wife. He humorously mentioned the possibility of legal action if this advice was ignored.

The artwork by Colour received a varied response from netizens. Some praised it with comments like “Good job,” while others questioned its accuracy in relation to Iqra Aziz.

Another user commented on the quality of the sketch, stating, “No doubt the sketching is nice. But don’t claim it’s Iqra Aziz’s [sketch].”

Expressing a different opinion, a user named ‘Laddyygorgeouss’ remarked, “It doesn’t look like Iqra Aziz.”

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