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Yasir Hussain: “Iqra is the Superstar, I’m Just an Actor”

Yasir Hussain: "Iqra is the Superstar, I'm Just an Actor"

Yasir Hussain recently made a heartwarming declaration about his wife, Iqra Aziz, during an appearance on the Ahmad Ali Butt Show. Despite both being celebrated for their acting prowess in Pakistani dramas, Yasir revealed that their relationship is surprisingly smooth sailing, contrary to common perceptions about couples in the entertainment industry. According to Yasir, the secret to their harmonious relationship lies in his humble perspective – he considers himself just an actor, while he views Iqra as the true superstar.

Yasir elaborated on Iqra’s superstar status by highlighting her global fan base. “Wherever we travel, whether it’s America, Canada, or the Middle East, she has fans there, from every corner of the world,” he shared. This widespread recognition of her talent serves as a testament to her superstar quality, and Yasir couldn’t be prouder of her.

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The couple recently collaborated on a drama titled Aik Thi Laila, where Yasir took on the dual roles of director and actor alongside Iqra. Despite the unique dynamic of working together, Yasir expressed his willingness to participate in the project, which consisted of only six episodes. This endeavor allowed them to seamlessly merge their personal and professional lives.

When asked about directing his wife, Yasir had nothing but praise for Iqra’s professionalism and demeanor on set. He commended her for being easygoing and cooperative, contrasting her with other actors who may have more demanding or temperamental personalities. Yasir’s glowing commendation not only showcased Iqra’s talent but also underscored the couple’s strong bond and mutual respect.