YouTube Unveils New Free Features and Visual Updates

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YouTube Unveils New Free Features and Visual Updates

YouTube is introducing a range of new features and design enhancements, totaling around 36 in number, aimed at enhancing the user experience across its web application, smartphone app, and smart TVs. Some of the notable updates include:

  1. Accelerated Video Playback: Users can easily double the playback speed for faster viewing of content by pressing and holding their finger on the video. This feature is available on web browsers, tablets, and mobile devices.
  2. Lock Screen Feature: This feature minimizes accidental touches on the screen while watching a video, making it useful for situations where you’re on the move or have pets.
  3. Revamped Library Tab: The library tab has been rebranded as “You” and provides more comprehensive information, including access to previously viewed videos, playlists, downloads, and purchases, all in one location.
  4. On-Screen Visual Prompts: Creators can use on-screen visual prompts to encourage viewers to subscribe, accompanied by sparkles to enhance the interaction.
  5. View and Like Count Animation: A new animation tracks the view count and like count over a video’s initial 24 hours.
  6. Smart TV Enhancements: The smart TV application features a fresh vertical menu, video chapters, a scrollable description section, and more.

These updates collectively aim to improve the overall user experience on YouTube. The rollout of these features is expected to take a few weeks to reach all users globally, and YouTube has also announced its intention to introduce more features in the future, including a redesign of the YouTube Kids app.

Check out the new features in action in the video below:


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