Yumna Zaidi Discusses ‘Nayab,’ Marriage, and Women’s Privileges

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Yumna Zaidi Discusses 'Nayab,' Marriage, and Women's Privileges

In an exclusive interview with Fuchsia Magazine, the cast of Nayab—Yumna Zaidi, Usama Khan, and Fawad Khan—delved into the complexities of their roles, the on-set dynamics, and the empowering themes interwoven into the storyline.

Discussing the natural on-screen chemistry between Yumna and Fawad, who portray Nayab and Akber, the duo revealed the secret behind their rapport. Yumna shared that Fawad’s excellence in theatre acting and their reading sessions contributed to their authentic connection. Fawad added that the shoot was positive, emphasizing Yumna’s down-to-earth attitude.

Usama discussed the role reversal in the storyline, where he becomes the “eye candy,” and revealed that Yumna and the compelling story were his main reasons for accepting the role. He praised the narrative for addressing women’s empowerment realistically.

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Yumna, portraying a cricketer, underwent intense physical training. She shared her newfound respect for cricketers, especially those with fewer resources. Despite the challenges, she acknowledged the privilege of working with a talented team.

The cast addressed the high costs associated with sports, including expensive equipment and the emotional and financial struggles of aspiring athletes. Yumna urged support for Pakistani athletes on the international stage, emphasizing the emotional connection people have with such endeavors.

The discussion expanded to how patriarchal structures affect both men and women. Fawad highlighted the oppressive nature of patriarchy, limiting individuals’ potential. Usama shared the pressures men face in a city like Karachi, and Yumna pointed out the mental pressure on men to provide financially.

As a message to the youth, Yumna emphasized the absence of “impossible” in her dictionary and encouraged pursuing dreams despite societal opinions. She shared her experience of familial pressure regarding marriage but stressed the importance of family support.

Usama discussed the lack of guidance about goal-setting when younger and urged individuals to consider life goals before settling down. The interview reflected the cast’s insights into their roles, the significance of the storyline, and their commitment to empowering narratives.

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