Zahid Ahmed Slams Instagram for Removing Post on ‘Terrorism’

Web DeskDecember 16, 2023
Zahid Ahmed Slams Instagram for Removing Post on 'Terrorism'

Zahid Ahmed is expressing his frustration with Instagram’s alleged censorship. The actor claimed that Instagram removed his post discussing what he perceives as the “real face of terrorism,” specifically mentioning Benjamin Netanyahu, Rishi Sunak, and Joe Biden. Ahmed criticized Instagram for this action, stating that he never expected such censorship and expressing strong dissatisfaction, even wishing for the platform to “burn in hell on judgment day.”

In the now-deleted post, Ahmed juxtaposed the conventional portrayal of terrorists with bearded men in turbans and shalwar kameez against a depiction of individuals like Netanyahu, Sunak, and Biden, who hold powerful positions and wear suits. The post explicitly labeled these figures as “terrorists,” particularly in the context of Israel’s actions in Gaza.

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Reactions to Ahmed’s post varied, with some supporting his perspective and others opposing it. Some users shared their own experiences of being shadow-banned, restricted, or censored by Instagram for expressing views on sensitive geopolitical issues. The discussions included warnings to Ahmed about potential repercussions on his fanbase and disagreements on the appropriateness of such statements on Instagram.

It’s important to note that public opinion on these matters varies, and discussions on social media platforms can be polarized, leading to differing perspectives on censorship and freedom of expression.

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