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Zoheb Hassan Remembers Sister Nazia as a Natural Performer

Zoheb Hassan Remembers Sister Nazia as a Natural Performer

Zoheb Hassan, half of the legendary pop duo Nazia and Zoheb, recently shared insights into his unexpected journey into the music industry during a guest appearance at Star and Style. Reflecting on the duo’s humble beginnings and their path to international fame, Zoheb highlighted the importance of focusing on music rather than commercial success.

Despite the duo’s global recognition and enduring popularity, Zoheb admitted to initially lacking passion for music, feeling apprehensive about his singing abilities during his school days. However, he acknowledged the significance of sincere dedication to music, emphasizing the lasting impact of a good melody.

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Zoheb’s journey as an artist was marked by reluctance and hesitations, contrasting with his sister Nazia’s natural affinity for performance. He recounted moments of hiding from music-related activities and the challenges of overcoming his introverted nature to pursue his musical career.

Despite his initial reservations, Zoheb’s fame continued to grow, evidenced by memorable experiences such as performing at Madison Square Garden alongside Amitabh Bachchan. However, his most significant decision was to prioritize caring for his ailing mother, leading him to leave behind a successful business in the UK to return to Pakistan.

Zoheb’s candid reflections offer a glimpse into the personal and professional challenges he faced throughout his career, underscoring his enduring love for music and devotion to family.