Zong Increases Mobile Package Rates again

Web DeskJanuary 1, 2024
Zong Increases Mobile Package Rates again

In line with recent trends of rising prices in the tech and telecom sectors, Zong has announced price hikes across several of its mobile packages. While the increases aren’t substantial, they notably affect various weekly and monthly offerings.

Rather than outright price hikes, Zong has quietly made adjustments to certain packages by reducing the resources provided, such as cutting down calling minutes while keeping the prices unchanged.

For instance, the Monthly Super Card, previously priced at Rs. 800, now costs Rs. 900 but includes an additional 100 off-net minutes. On the other hand, the Monthly Pro max package remains steady at Rs. 1,600.

However, not all packages have maintained their original offerings. The Monthly Digital Max Offer, which formerly stood at Rs. 1,500, now provides the same mobile data and calling minutes. Meanwhile, the Monthly Supreme has decreased off-net calling minutes from 500 to 350, retaining the price at Rs. 999.

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These changes primarily affect specific monthly packages. Regarding weekly plans, the Weekly Pro Plus package has seen a slight increase from Rs. 460 to Rs. 480, maintaining the same resources. However, these weekly increments cumulatively lead to higher monthly expenses (Rs. 1,840 vs Rs. 1,920 per month).

Similarly, the Weekly Pro, Weekly HLO, and Weekly Premium packages have each observed a Rs. 20 increase. Notably, the Super Weekly Plus stands out with a significant surge of Rs. 40.

It’s crucial to recognize that these adjustments represent only a portion of the overall price changes among Zong’s monthly and weekly packages. This trend isn’t unique to Zong, as other network providers have also raised their prices, indicating a broader industry shift.

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