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Eaglelyst Update: French Fries Seller Reveals 30-Day Profit Margin

Eaglelyst Update: French Fries Seller Reveals 30-Day Profit Margin

With an initial investment of Rs50,000, Arbaz Abbasi, known as Eaglelyst on Instagram, embarked on the venture of establishing his french fries business. Right from the outset, Arbaz kept his audience updated with relevant information. He transparently shared daily sales figures, providing a captivating glimpse into the realm of small-scale food enterprises and their financial prospects.

After an entire month of anticipation, Arbaz finally unveiled the net profit margin. Taking to the Eaglelyst Instagram page, he shared a video, accompanied by a caption celebrating the milestone. In the video, Arbaz expressed gratitude to his followers and delved into the financial aspect of his business journey, discussing insights, challenges, and triumphs along the way.

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Arbaz started by addressing expectations, advising aspiring entrepreneurs not to anticipate identical results, as his following boosted his sales. He then disclosed key statistics, revealing that they sold a total of 1794kg of potatoes, amounting to a total sale of Rs436,750.

Moving on to expenses, Arbaz outlined various costs such as ghee, cornflour, cleaning supplies, packing materials, and gas, providing a comprehensive breakdown of each expense category. He detailed expenses related to potatoes, seasoning, gloves, bike fuel, bike maintenance, electricity, cousin’s wages, and meal expenses.

After meticulously detailing all expenses, Arbaz finally unveiled the eagerly awaited net profit figure. He revealed that the total net profit amounted to Rs74,194, which he plans to reinvest in the business by purchasing a frier. He shared his intention to start a new series soon, indicating his commitment to business growth.

Throughout the past 30 days, Arbaz curated an engaging experience for himself and his followers, offering business insights, scouting supply sources, and maintaining daily accountability. As he prepares to embark on another journey, his fans wish him continued success and eagerly anticipate further achievements.