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Bella Hadid: Don’t Be Desensitized to Palestinian Suffering

Bella Hadid: Don't Be Desensitized to Palestinian Suffering

If any celebrity can be counted upon to go the extra mile to stand in solidarity with Palestinians, it is supermodel Bella Hadid. Ever since October 7, Hadid has risked her career by calling out the ongoing atrocities being committed in the Gaza Strip and has always openly embraced the Palestinian roots she has inherited through her father.

Having recently made a powerful statement at Cannes by boasting a keffiyeh-inspired dress, Bella took to her Instagram to pen a heartfelt, educational note in support of her fellow Palestinians. “Palestine on my mind, in my blood and on my heart. Always,” captioned the supermodel. “While I still have to go to work, even through this horror, to wear our culture makes me a proud Palestinian, and I want the world to continue to see Palestine, wherever we go.”

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Shedding light on those in the industry who have also supported the same causes as her, Hadid highlighted designers who have worked consistently over the years to promote Palestinian art, history, and culture. Keeping in mind the Israeli air strikes in Rafah that have resulted in yet more civilian deaths, Hadid also pointed her followers towards her Instagram stories so they could appreciate the full spectrum of the deadly humanitarian crisis engulfing the region.

“If you don’t know what’s happening right now in Gaza, watch my stories (and find other accounts leading to Palestinians on the ground) and please educate yourself on the ongoing occupation and genocide that is happening RIGHT NOW in Gaza,” pleaded Hadid in her caption. “Do not be desensitised to the horror that is being endured by the Palestinian people.”

As part of her relentless campaign to educate her followers about her heritage, Hadid illustrated how the keffiyeh has come to symbolize Palestinian advocacy.

“The patterns on the Palestinian keffiyeh symbolize various themes,” explained the supermodel. “The larger part of the keffiyeh is the fishnet pattern which resembles the fishnet and the relationship between the Palestinian fisherman and the sea. It symbolizes abundance and grace. To many of us, the sea also means freedom. Especially to Palestinians living in the West Bank, and have no access to the sea, due to restricted movement.”

Ending her post with the haunting words that have gone viral across the Instagram stories of Palestinian advocates, Hadid concluded, “With that being said, all eyes on Rafah.”