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Kehlani Dedicates Song ‘Next 2 U’ to Palestine, Leading by Example for Celebrities

Kehlani Dedicates Song 'Next 2 U' to Palestine, Leading by Example for Celebrities

In a powerful act of solidarity, American singer-songwriter Kehlani unveiled a new song titled “Next 2 U,” dedicated to those enduring hardship in Palestine amidst escalating violence from Israel since October 7.

Taking to Instagram on Friday, Kehlani shared the news alongside a poignant quote from author-activist Toni Cade Bambara: “The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible.” Accompanied by stills from the music video featuring Kehlani and her dancers against the backdrop of the Palestinian flag, clad in Keffiyeh suits, the post served as a testament to her commitment.

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In a heartfelt note, Kehlani candidly expressed her internal struggle as an artist amidst global crises, admitting her initial apprehension. She reflected on the significance of music in times of upheaval, stating, “A love song is a protector’s song, is revolution.” While the song’s lyrics don’t explicitly mention Palestine, Kehlani infused the work with imagery of Palestinian resistance, culminating in a poignant tribute to the children lost to Israeli violence.

Reflecting on the music video’s creation, Kehlani highlighted her creative partner’s efforts to prioritize hiring Palestinians on set, ensuring a safe and inclusive environment. The singer also thanked her stylist for crafting the Keffiyeh suits worn in the video.

Ending her note with a call to action, Kehlani announced merchandise for the song, with proceeds slated for donation to Palestinian, Congolese, and Sudanese families. Her announcement garnered widespread recognition online, with many applauding her unwavering support for Palestine.

Kehlani’s vocal stance on the issue echoes her previous criticism of celebrities’ silence on the Palestinian crisis. In a tweet and Instagram video, she called out those who failed to speak out, asserting the need for tangible action. Her advocacy struck a chord, reaching even those in Rafah, where children thanked her for her support amidst ongoing violence.