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Naumaan Ijaz Opposed to Son Zaviyar Joining Acting Industry

Naumaan Ijaz Opposed to Son Zaviyar Joining Acting Industry

Known for gracing the screen over three decades and aging gracefully, Naumaan Ijaz recently appeared on Meer Means Business. He discussed his career, family, and how continuing a legacy was never his intention. “I tried my level best to stop my son from coming into media. Surviving in this industry is not a joke. You have to go to war. I never wanted my son to become an actor but one fine morning he woke up and said this is what I want to do.

It was written in his fate,” Naumaan shared. Despite his father’s reservations, Zaviyar is making a name for himself with standout performances in dramas like Bakhtawar and Tere Ishq Ke Naam. Interestingly, Naumaan confessed he never offered his son any acting tips. “I never guided him because I’m not an actor at home, I’m a very ordinary person at home,” he explained. The seasoned actor also criticized the younger generation’s aversion to hard work.

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“If you do the hard work yourself, that’s when your children will do it as well,” Naumaan emphasized. “Life is not a shortcut. I have come across a lot of actors who want to be the next Naumaan Ijaz or anybody else, but what happened to those 35 years I have given to this industry? To reach a certain point, you have to endure the journey,” he continued.

Naumaan expressed his disdain for the allure of becoming an “overnight sensation,” remarking, “There is no such thing as a shortcut. You have to put in the work and take your time. What rises fast, comes down just as quickly. This is what I have seen.” With a blend of gravitas and wit, Naumaan reminded everyone that in the entertainment industry, there are no shortcuts to success.