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Sonya Hussyn: I’d Never Marry an Actor, They’re Too Self-Obsessed

Sonya Hussyn: I'd Never Marry an Actor, They're Too Self-Obsessed

Sonya Hussyn, celebrated for her down-to-earth nature, talent, and impeccable style, has captivated audiences in numerous avatars. Despite her soaring popularity, the actor remains single, leaving fans eagerly curious about her plans for marriage. As a guest on Nadia Khan’s show, Sonya dished about her dream wedding and revealed her staunch stance against marrying an actor.

When quizzed on her preference between marrying a businessman or an actor, Sonya’s answer was refreshingly candid: “I would never marry an actor. I think actors are very self-obsessed. I’m an actor, so I think self-obsession should only be in one of us. When you’re so into yourselves, you can’t pay attention to the other person.”

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As for any immediate wedding bells, Sonya set the record straight with, “No, nothing at the moment. Everyone tells me that I’ve finished studying, have worked a lot, built a house, and that I should get married now. Maybe I don’t belong to this generation because I feel like men have lost that chivalry and good mannerisms.”

She didn’t hold back on her views about modern men, adding, “They haven’t been taught how to properly behave around women, what they can say or what they shouldn’t say in front of us.” Sonya elaborated, “It is such a turn-off when you see a man rushing into a restaurant before the woman and sitting down without pulling their chair out for them. People think this is what they call princess treatment, but it’s not, it’s just basic ethics. So, I will be looking for all these qualities in a man before I get married, and you should marry when you have the right match and never because of society’s pressure.”

On the topic of her dream wedding, Sonya has grand plans, inspired by the elegance of Mahira Khan’s nuptials. She revealed, “I loved Mahira Khan’s wedding. It was something that came very close to the vision I have for my dream ceremony. I don’t like gaudy decorations or banquets, so I will also go for something clean and sleek.”