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Imran Khan refuses to meet FIA team in Adiala Jail regarding controversial tweet

Imran Khan refuses to meet FIA team in Adiala Jail regarding controversial tweet

The FIA Cyber Wing has initiated an inquiry following the upload of a video featuring Sheikh Mujibur Rahman from Imran Khan’s official Twitter handle. However, when the investigation team arrived at Adiala Jail to question the PTI founder, Imran Khan refused to cooperate.

According to reports, the FIA team visited Adiala Jail to investigate the promotion of “anti-state narratives” from Khan’s official Twitter handle. Despite their presence, Khan declined to meet the team or participate in the investigation, stating that he would only respond to questions in the presence of his lawyers. The FIA team documented his refusal to participate.

The video in question, featuring Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, was tweeted from Imran Khan’s official Twitter handle on May 26, while Khan was incarcerated in Adiala Jail. The FIA Cyber Wing has decided to investigate four PTI members regarding this issue, including Imran Khan, Barrister Gohar Khan, Omar Ayub, and Raoof Hasan. The FIA will determine whether the tweet was made by Khan himself or with his permission.

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If the account holder is found responsible for creating and sharing the anti-state propaganda, legal action will be taken. However, if it was done without Khan’s consent, he would need to submit a written request to close his Twitter account for unauthorized use.

The FIA Cyber Crime Cell has also contacted the Judicial Magistrate of Islamabad for permission to investigate Khan in Adiala Jail. In a letter, the FIA stated that anti-state videos and narratives were promoted from Khan’s official Twitter handle, specifically targeting state institutions and the Pakistan Army.

The letter highlighted that the video posted on May 28 aimed to incite rebellion and anger among officers and soldiers by distorting facts against the army. Such actions are considered violations of the PECA Act of 2016, warranting an investigation and access to Khan for this purpose.