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CM Punjab Unveils New Dam in Rawalpindi

CM Punjab Unveils New Dam in Rawalpindi

On Friday, Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi officially launched the construction of the Dadhocha Dam in the Rawalpindi region, underscoring its pivotal role in addressing the escalating water demand in the area.

A special inauguration ceremony unfolded at the project site, approximately 25 km from Rawalpindi. Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, serving as the chief guest, laid the foundation stone and conducted a thorough inspection of the ongoing construction progress.

With an estimated cost of Rs 12 billion, the project signifies a significant step forward in meeting Rawalpindi’s increasing water needs upon its completion. The strategically positioned dam, located 25 km from Rawalpindi, boasts an impressive grass/live storage capacity of 60,000/45,000 Acre-feet (AFT).

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Occupying 16,194 kanals and 14 marlas of land in Rawalpindi and Kalar Saidan, the dam stands at a towering height of 123 feet, with a length of 737 feet and an expansive catchment area covering 129 square miles.

Construction progress reports indicate financial completion at 26% and physical completion at 12%, showcasing substantial on-site advancements. The “Right of Way” at Dadhocha Dam has nearly been cleared in accordance with the Supreme Court’s decision, and local landowners have received compensation based on prevailing market rates.

The expected completion date for the Dadhocha Dam is November 2025. Once finished, the dam is anticipated to provide a daily supply of 35 million gallons of clean water, effectively meeting the water requirements of Rawalpindi and its surrounding areas.