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No More Passports Will Be Issued To Asylum Seekers Living Abroad

No More Passports Will Be Issued To Asylum Seekers Abroad

Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi has instructed his ministry to cease the issuance of passports to Pakistanis seeking asylum abroad. The move is aimed at enhancing national security and safety.

This decision is part of the efforts to reduce the unauthorized migration of Pakistani citizens disguising themselves as asylum-seekers. According to sources, individuals seeking asylum abroad will not be eligible to obtain a Pakistani passport.

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Additionally, the Interior Ministry has stated that passports of individuals already seeking asylum abroad will neither be canceled nor renewed. This decision highlights the government’s commitment to maintaining stringent control over passport issuance procedures to protect national interests.

Following Minister Naqvi’s directive, the Interior Ministry has sent an official letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant authorities to implement the new policy effectively.

The decision has received mixed reactions, with some praising it as a proactive step to prevent passport misuse and safeguard national security, while others express concerns about potential limitations on individuals’ rights to seek asylum.