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PakSat MM1Satellite Enters Earth’s Orbit Successfully

PakSat MM1Satellite Enters Earth's Orbit Successfully

Pakistan’s National Space Agency, SUPARCO, successfully launched its second communication satellite, PakSat MM1, on May 30. The satellite has now achieved its designated earth orbit.

A spokesperson for the Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) confirmed that PakSat MM1 is positioned at an altitude of 38,786 km above the Earth, precisely at 38.2 degrees East

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Weighing five tonnes, PakSat MM1 is outfitted with advanced communication technology designed to deliver the fastest internet services across Pakistan.

Following its entry into orbit, the satellite’s solar panels have been deployed and are now operational.

SUPARCO’s spokesperson also mentioned that a series of tests will be conducted to evaluate the satellite’s condition and performance in its orbital environment.