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New Pitch and Floodlights for Lyari Football Stadium Karachi

New Pitch and Floodlights for Lyari Football Stadium Karachi

Mayor Karachi Murtaza Wahab has recently focused on enhancing football infrastructure in the provincial capital. Over the past few years, Karachi, known as the City of Lights, has seen the installation of more football turfs than the entire country combined.

Notably, Lyari has experienced significant development in improving football infrastructure, aimed at providing grassroots players with top-notch facilities. The Lyari General Stadium at Tannery Road has undergone upgrades, including the installation of lights and turf, and is set to open soon for local matches. This initiative adds to the numerous football projects initiated by Mayor Karachi.

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While there have been concerns raised by players, coaches, and media about the inadequacy of infrastructure in Pakistan compared to international standards, Karachi is striving to change this perception. With a greater number of small stadiums featuring artificial pitches than the rest of the country combined, Mayor Karachi could now aim to refurbish the international stadium. This would enable the country’s economic hub to host international football matches.

The People’s Stadium in Karachi, constructed in 1995 at a cost of $30.7 million under the administration of then Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, serves as the national stadium for football in the city. Renovating this main stadium with modern facilities could potentially allow Karachi to host significant events like the AFC Asian Cup Qualifiers. The first round of group-stage matches is scheduled for October, presenting an opportunity for Karachi to showcase its capabilities on the international stage.