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Women officers are not allowed to wear niqab or burqa while on duty, as per police regulations

Women officers are not allowed to wear niqab or burqa while on duty, as per police regulations

In a recent move, the senior superintendent of police (SSP) operations in Faisalabad has issued a directive prohibiting women police officials from wearing niqab, burqa, or gowns over their uniforms while on duty. This directive is part of a new set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) aimed at enhancing security and maintaining uniformity among officers.

The order specifically requires female officers to keep their faces visible at all times during duty hours. SSP (Operations) Hasan Javed highlighted the crucial importance of visible identification in preventing potential security threats. He emphasized that veiling the face could obscure identification, allowing individuals with malicious intent to disguise themselves. Therefore, ensuring that female officers’ faces are easily identifiable is essential.

This policy emphasizes the significance of face visibility for identification purposes, ensuring that all officers can be readily recognized while performing their duties. The directive is viewed as a proactive measure to strengthen security and mitigate any potential misuse of the police uniform.

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Station House Officer (SHO) Madiha Irshad confirmed that the orders had been received and assured that they were being promptly enforced. She affirmed the commitment to implementing the directive without delay, ensuring compliance among female officers.

The directive has been justified on security grounds, with officials expressing concerns about the security risks associated with covering one’s face. Maintaining visible faces for female officers is deemed essential for upholding security standards and facilitating proper identification of officers at all times.